The Dark Person - Illustrated, Paperback & eBook

The Dark Person  - Paperback book

Published - August 2019

Among the many things wrong with our current leadership, treating people with common decency is a core problem. Why people overlook or tolerate this behavior is beyond understanding. "Do unto others..." is a rule we should try to live by every day. ALL people are special, interesting and deserving of respect and love. 

The Dark Person - Paperback and Kindle

It's not about politics! Inside each of us lives a Dark Person. As we navigate the world, each encounter we have with another person can nourish, or starve, that darkness. If we allow charismatic leaders to feed our fears, we may find ourselves becoming that which we despise the most. Written as a way for family and friends to start a conversation with someone about how supporting a hateful person is detrimental to themselves and their relationships. 

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The Book Text

The Dark Person

There is a person.

This person, I watch.

This person is empty of goodness.

He is a dark person.

I know, I know this,

and I watch him.

The dark person, he is a bully.

He bullies people who disagree with him.

He calls them demeaning names.

I know, I know, this is wrong.

And I watch.

The dark person, he thinks he can do whatever he wants.

He grabs and touches others.

He forces himself on them.

I know, I know, this is wrong.

And I watch.

The dark person, he mocks.

He mocks a person who has a disability.

I know, I know, this is wrong.

And I watch.

The dark person, he lies.

He lies to appear important.

He lies to get what he wants.

I know, I know, this is wrong.

And I watch.

Now, now the dark person speaks words that make me feel good.

His words justify my own dark thoughts and actions.

But I know, I know the difference between right and wrong.

Still I watch, and now...

I cheer.

I cheer for the dark person as he speaks words I want to hear.

I cheer for his hate for people who are different.

I cheer for his promises of raising me to greatness.

I cheer for his lies.

I want for it all, 

I wish for it all, to be real.

I cheer.

Now, now I see The Dark Person in my own reflection.

I realize, others see me this way as well.

My family.

My friends.

The world.

When I cheered for the dark person,

I became The Dark Person.

The Dark Person offered me recognition and self-worth.

I felt like I was part of something.

I took pride in appearing strong and callous.

I believed The Dark Person would lift me above others and make me great.

I wanted to cheer for him until the end.

I realize, I know,

this was wrong.

I know, I know in my heart

threats, hate and lies are destructive to my own self.

Destructive to my Family.

Destructive to my Friends.

Destructive to the World.

I realize, I realize now that there is another choice.

I choose to participate in a truly caring and loving world.

Where I respect and appreciate others.

I will try to become a better person.

Everyday I will try.

For my family.

For my friends.

For the world.

I know, I know I can.

I will cheer for the dark person no more.

-R E Marker

The Dark Person Book

The Dark Person Book

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